3 strike rule dating

If you are torn about someone, or something, write down the pros and cons.

I guarantee you will see something you didn’t before.

If someone participates fully but not regularly (say, someone who visits from out of two a couple of times per year), they shouldn't be turned away after three such visits.

Likewise, if someone regularly attends a club open house to watch the trains and talk (i.e.

doesn't participate as a member), they shouldn't be turned away either. We all have some issues with the NMRA, but unfortunately this just seems like our lawsuit-happy, high-cost-of-insurance society intruding on yet another area of our life, not something implemented by the NMRA with bad intent or as a misguided way to try to increase membership.

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That is unacceptable and is mandatory grounds for a “1 Strike, You’re Gone Forever” rule!

The APS doesn't have any problem letting anyone from the public in to its shows.

Both hobbies complain ad infinitum about how less and less people are in the hobbies, and that the hobbies are doomed to extinction.

I almost did not renew my NMRA membership this year because of this rule.

A good example to follow is another hobby association that I belong to, The American Philatelic Association.

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