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Rodgers ended his relationship with actress Olivia Munn in 2017 after dating for three years.

I make the final calls on what goes, what doesn’t go, what airs, what doesn’t air, and I’m going to tell you that, at the expense of my relationship, I would never put anything out there that wouldn’t be good.” She imagines the two of them having “a super free conversation.” While his current and very serious mustache isn’t likely to come up on “Pretty Intense,” it was the subject of some laughs during Patrick’s appearance on “The Rich Eisen Show.” “You just have to look at the mustache to realize he has a sense of humor,” Patrick said.

I mean I could really top it off with some cupcakes. interview if the two ever talk marriage, she answered: “I mean I would hope that’s the intention.

Look, there’s no guarantees in life, but as long as you have that intention, that’s what matters, right?

The mustache is Rodgers’ ode to actor Sam Elliott, whom he loves, she told Eisen.

She admitted it did come off looking a little, um, “strong” when she recently Face Timed with him, but she’s good with either the full-on mustache or his other look, “the scruff.” “I mean he’s adorable either way, but he just has a sense of humor, so he can keep the mustache all season. She was privy to the Canadian tuxedo before he unleashed the denim-on-denim-on-denim ensemble on the rest of the world when the Packers traveled to Winnipeg a week ago for a preseason game against the Oakland Raiders.

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