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Liz and Danny were the first two contestants out, eliminating the Brown Team. Rebecca went next -- ousting the Pink Team from the challenge -- and she was followed by Dina Mercado, meaning the Blue Team was also out. "it is what it is." The Pink team was the last to weigh in. Liz and Danny joined Julio below the yellow line and were thus up for elimination -- and Julio thought it would be a better decision for the other contestants to oust the Brown Team.

Mo then fell, eliminating the Purple Team, and Shay subsequently followed. Last-chance workouts then began, with Bob and Jillian pushing everybody to their limits, and Tracey lamented the fact that she couldn't participate. and shed five -- giving them a total weight-loss percentage of 2.57%. "Two gone versus one is better for everyone in the house eventually," he rationalized.

"So to hear Bob and Jill say what they said and that they were really fighting for me to stay there, it was huge." Sorrells, a 30-year-old social worker from Newport Beach, CA who started the eighth season as the show's heaviest contestant ever, was then eliminated from by her fellow contestants after falling below the yellow line on the season's ninth episode.With three votes, Julio was eliminated from the competition."I have a lot of people that love me at home, and there's no way they're going to let me quit," he said. I'm ready to see my family." During a post-show update, Julio revealed that he has lost an additional 69 pounds since returning home and hopes to be at his goal weight of 207 pounds by the season's live finale in December.The winner would receive a stocked kitchen for an entire year.The challenge commenced -- and the Orange Team of Shay and Daniel, the Brown Team of Danny Cahill and Liz Young, and the Pink Team of Amanda Arlauskas and Rebecca Meyer all correctly chose the healthiest dinner.

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