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He certainly didn't deserve slow suffocation in a bronze jar, and Percy couldn't stand seeing Hazel in pain."We'll rescue him," he promised her. The prophecy says he holds the key to endless death.” ― “Never mind," Leo said. The number goes on forever, but the sphere has only five rings, so that should be enough, if I'm right." "And if you're not? She buried her face in his chest and broke down in tears. “We’re together.” He didn’t say you’re okay, or we’re alive. Nico di Angelo was there, but Annabeth’s thoughts were so fuzzy, this didn’t seem surprising to her. “Your leg.” Piper knelt next to her and examined the Bubble Wrap cast. Percy didn’t let go of her hand, which also made her feel more confident. He’d brought it from his father’s palace at the bottom of the sea. Still, Percy wondered what he had to do to get her attention.

After all they’d been through over the last year, he knew the most important thing was that they were together. When she finished, her friends’ faces were slack with amazement. “You did all that” ― “Valdez," said Coach Hedge with surprising gentleness. “And,” Annabeth continued, “it reminds me how long we’ve known each other. He was worried about her after her encounter with the spiders at Fort Sumter, and he didn’t know how to help her, especially if she shut him out.” ― “On the stern quarterdeck, Leo rushed around like a madman, checking his gauges and wrestling levers.

Since it had no wings, as it was customary for Nike statues of the time, the temple acquired the name Apteros Nike (wing-less victory).

It is said that the statue was deprived of wings so it could never leave the city of Athens.

Most helmsmen would've been satisfied with a pilot's wheel of a tiller.

Even by demigod standards, Leo was seriously ADHD.” ― “designing a secret passage, where would I put it? (OVER) On the back, the paper said: YOUR LUCKY NUMBERS ARE: TWELVE, JUPITER, ORION, DELTA, THREE, THETA, OMEGA. In fact, it hardly ever does.” “Please,” Percy said. "Of you ever leave me again," she said, her eyes stinging, "I swear to all the gods-" Percy had the nerve to laugh. His sea-green eyes were as gorgeous as she remembered. Then—” “Okay, fine.” ― “Percy smiled at her—that sarcastic, troublemaker smile that had annoyed her for years but eventually had become endearing.The Classical temple is considerably smaller than the other temples of the Acropolis.It is the first building that greets the visitors who approach the Propylaia and its elegant Ionic features balance the dominating Doric character of the Propylaia.

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