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In a hilariously titled project called the journal found that 45 percent of people surveyed considered any manual-genital manipulation to be “sex” (though even the definition of “manipulation” is up in the air — if you smack someone in the balls with your hand, is that sex?if you shake someone’s penis once, firmly, like a handshake, is sex, or are we going with a Good Charlotte definition?That explains why the casual sex rate at retirement homes is reportedly through the roof.More confusing data emerged from that Kinsey Institute study: 11 percent of the survey respondents didn’t consider an act “sex” if the man involved didn’t have an orgasm. Oh yeah, in 2016 that queer women tend to define the loss of virginity with whether one has experienced an orgasm with the help of a partner.Now, if you’re a guy in your late twenties hoping to get married, and your girlfriend tells you she’s a virgin, the media (and casual conversation between peers) would have you believe that you’re in a tricky situation.Even this last vestige of misogynist culture seems ready to die out, as the millennial generation already has fewer partners in their lifetime than our forefathers.The answer, as with most things sexual, is complicated.We can begin, as most discussions of sex in America do, with data from the Kinsey Institute.

So, by that definition, masturbating next to someone to orgasm doesn’t count as losing one’s virginity, but if one were to masturbate with someone who isn’t their committed partner, they’ve cheated — at least, 95 percent of the survey respondents thought so.

To solely define the loss of virginity in terms of whether you have penetrated someone’s vagina with your penis doesn’t leave much room for those who don’t want penetrative sex to describe or validate their experiences.

Jacques Derrida called this phenomenon — basing the entire world’s understanding of the human condition around the specific experiences of men — “phallogocentrism.”Though many organizations have tried in recent years to develop a more nuanced definition of virginity — one that makes room for sexual behaviors which don’t involve a penis — no one definition has really taken root in the zeitgeist.

The disconnect between our experience and what our peers go through still disturbs people my age, a decade later, because many of us want to feel that our behaviors, particularly sexual, fall into the norm.

So among Americans, when and how do most people lose their virginities?

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