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Musabeyov said the key takeaway was the strategic interest from Washington toward Azerbaijan: “For Azerbaijan what is important is the very fact of the aid and its source, rather than its amount.” Musabeyov also claimed that a recent uptick in ceasefire violations between Armenia and Azerbaijan was related to this funding program: “I guess that the reason for this activity is so that the Armenian lobbyists in the U. Congress have a reason to disrupt this large-scale (0 million dollar) American aid to Azerbaijan’s border forces.” Russian military expert Pavel Felgenhauer said that the aid is more oriented toward law enforcement and would not necessarily be useful in a military conflict with Iran. “American-Iranian relations have worsened quite quickly, so Azerbaijan finds itself in Washington’s focus and Armenia, not.But he said that Azerbaijan was benefiting from the growing U. Armenia is seen, probably, as an Iranian ally,” Felgenhauer told the website Moscow-Baku.The report was obtained by SAM and provided to Eurasianet.The money is earmarked for vehicles including 15 high-speed boats, 14 “underwater target detection” systems, 25 pickup trucks, and 34 all-terrain vehicles. military aid to Azerbaijan is nominally restricted by a provision in the law known as Section 907, but since 2001 that restriction has been regularly waived.TGPs employ a variety of schemes to trade traffic with other TGPs; signing up for these trades is usually easy and free for other TGP owners.Perhaps the most basic trade is to link to other TGP sites.Meeting and socializing with people is both fun and safe.Common sense precautions should be taken however when arranging to meet anyone face to face for the first time.

S.-Iran tensions have spiked since Donald Trump became president in 2017, Azerbaijan-Iran relations are enjoying a period of relative calm.The money comes from the Pentagon’s main training and equipping fund, which is subject to looser oversight than the larger State Department-run military aid programs. Both sides, however, have been very quiet about the aid. The Azerbaijan Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not respond to a request for comment. diplomatic cables described a tense 2009 standoff between Iranian and Azerbaijani vessels, and demonstrated the U.Over the last two years Azerbaijan was the third-largest recipient of aid from that program, behind only Lebanon and Jordan, “both of which are major strategic U. In response to written questions about the aid program from Eurasianet, the U. Embassy in Baku issued a brief statement: “ Over the years Azerbaijan has gotten a variety of aid from the U. to build up its naval and coast guard forces on the oil- and gas- rich Caspian Sea. also has donated second-hand patrol boats to Azerbaijan, as well as to Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. From the American perspective, the Caspian Sea is particularly strategically sensitive because it borders Iran, and the U. has long quietly worked to help Azerbaijan stand up for itself against the significantly stronger Iranian Caspian military presence. S.’s deep involvement in advising Baku on how to resolve the situation and more generally in helping Azerbaijan with its maritime security.The package for Azerbaijan is to include communications equipment including radios, naval radars, and transponders for the Automatic Identification System (a universal tracking system for ships). also will maintain the equipment for two years, after which Azerbaijan takes responsibility. The most recent waiver was signed in April and allows military aid to Azerbaijan as long as it helps counter terrorism, supports U. forces, or contributes to Azerbaijan’s border security, and can’t be used to attack Armenia.It also earmarks funds for training on “underwater surveillance.” It does not include anything that would be classified as lethal. Analyst Emil Sanamyan noted in a blog post, however, that some border guard forces have been involved in fighting with Armenia. Sanamyan’s post occasioned some discussion in the Armenian and Azerbaijani press.

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