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😔 [] "Life After Death: Why scientist declared ‘there IS an afterlife – Memories are separate!’" The problem is that he has no science behind it and nothing supports his belief except supposition. [uk] I assume we are mostly all tired of all-things-immigration, but the language in this article (not to mention the content) is very telling.As a cis man I will never have to make this decision towards myself but in a hypothetical relationship I might answer your first question.No, not guilt just a deep and profound sadness for the loss of what might have been but with the understanding that it was the right choice for the situation. I identify as atheist/agnostic but I think skeptic sums it up more succinctly. I think like anything, a religion can be made out of anything.Welcome to the most comprehensive list of websites related to atheism, agnosticism, skepticism, humanism, non-belief, and any other godless word you choose to use.Please help us by adding any atheist sites we’ve missed.I am passionate about humanistic and behavioral psychology, the outdoors, genuine romance in relationships, music, empathy, listening, and puppies!! This is a very interesting topic, as well as a touchy one.I agree with your stated opinions and would also add that illnesses might also be a reason to have one.

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The EU criminalizes and jails people for helping refugees from the Libyan and other conflicts. Days later I still find myself grinning when I think of it... Wrongful death....i just signed a legal contract with my siblings to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the assisted living community where my mother was staying .See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights. I consider myself a freethinker, agnostic, and humanistic and am interested in getting to know people of the same perspectives. However, sometimes you realize that you are human and that what you got angry over was justified, even though you wish you could have been more calm.We have an International category, add any website from around the globe and we will categorize it for you as we accumulate multiple sites from your country.Atheist websites of Romania was the first International page made.

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