Bi dating girls

Oh and also, sex and stuff." This man reckons there are a lot of similarities in dating men and women.Yet the biggest difference is how readily they are willing to accept his mega farts. Have a look, this one's funny: "Honestly, the biggest surprise was how...different it was. Not that cutesy farting that girls will sometimes accept.We looked at Reddit to learn the experiences of bisexual men and women in terms of dating each gender.What's surprising is how broad the experiences of each person talking about dating as a bisexual are.

-With my girlfriends, I don't feel the need to make sure my legs are 100% hairless. -Wearing makeup for my boyfriend means highlighting my best features to look hot. Let's be honest, it probably comes down to them finding it hot. Anyway, here's what this particular Redditor has to say on the matter: "This probably isn't surprising, but it's a lot easier to find men to date as a female bisexual.Bi people tend to get a lot of flack with the BS people spout about "having your cake and eating it, too".It's rubbish, bisexual people don't choose their sexuality in the same way no one chooses their sexuality.Some people found that yes, traditionally what you would expect from a man (i.e.being less communicative and unwilling to commit) and a woman (i.e. Others found that their experiences didn't fit the stereotypes whatsoever. Let's just say now that these are the experiences of individuals and their opinions, which may not be true of your experiences or anyone else's.

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