Bob jones university no interracial dating

All courses in the curriculum were taught from the biblical perspective, and all teachers were required to be devout Christians as determined by university leaders.

Following the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal’s 1975 decision in prohibiting private institutions from excluding minorities, Bob Jones University again revised its policy and permitted single African American students to enroll while implementing a strict rule that prohibited interracial dating and marriage.

Subsequently, university officials filed suit against the IRS, demanding a .00 refund for unemployment taxes paid on one employee in 1975.

The federal government counterfiled immediately for approximately 0,000 (plus interest) in unpaid unemployment taxes.

The Supreme Court affirmed the Court of Appeals decision in Bob Jones University v. The case was decided May 15, 1974, in an 8-0 decision (Douglas not participating).

They stated that there was a lack of proof of "irreparable injury." Justice Powell wrote the decision.

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