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​These moments of doubt are universal, as we all have feelings about our bodies that ebb and flow with age, weight loss or gain, or even with changes in mood.

EMBRACING THE NEW YOUAn essential component of my emotional healing has been getting new lingerie.

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At Ana Ono, we strive to be a great resource for post-mastectomy dating and cancer patients, survivors and thrivers who want to feel just as sexy and desirable as before their surgery.

I've been surprised to find that the entire experience has been reassuring and confidence-building. What the rest of my suitors wondered about were things like: if I'm healthy and happy now (yes!

While I haven't found an ideal partner-person, I've had good practice putting on my superhero bra, giving myself a pep talk and telling a variety of different men about my situation. There was only one outlier who had a strange reaction, an over-eager guy who seemed really confused about if I'd be able to nurse our future babies (umm, no... ), why my marriage ended (that's a long story), how my ex-husband and I have stayed such good friends (because we will always love and respect each other), and why my last relationship ended (another long story).

The stretch lace and adjustable straps make it a good fit for a unilateral or bilateral mastectomy as well.

Another sexy style is the Gloria Pocketed Wire-Free Bra.

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