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If you are a person who is looking for the true love of his life, a serious relationship, flirting, seduction or a simple friendship, this site is for you.Do not forget that this dating site is really 100% free, so you have nothing to lose! At, we take complaints from our customers very seriously.Find the soul mate, create new friendships, or just do a chat and chat forums It's possible!The operation is simple: you create your ad, then you contact the singles with whom you have a love affinity or friendship.There are usually red flags and warning signs to look for.

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Sometimes these relationships are built over phone and text messages, by sending photos and gifts, and by going to great lengths to earn their target's trust.

In one recent case reported by the RCMP's Financial Crimes Unit, a victim was slowly convinced over a seven year online 'relationship' to drain her personal savings, and it was only when she had nothing left that her 'suitor' disappeared.

READ: Fraud prevention: Too good to be true offers usually are When you hear 'romance scam' you might automatically think of dating sites.

While it's true that romance scammers may lurk there, any social channel where people share information and make connections can be a destination for fraudsters.

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