Cbs rejects gay dating site ad online dating pet

There is a moment of hesitation, and then the men begin kissing.

After showing the Web site URL, the ad concludes with a pan to the left, where a third male football fan observes the sudden turn of events with a surprised look on his face.

Their hands brush each other in the potato chip bowl, which leads to a male-on-male make-out session.

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This year has brought several controversies; the latest surrounding an ad for a gay dating site called, which CBS has rejected for the Feb. The news is sure to spark criticism by LGBT organizations, which will, in turn, invite ripostes from conservative organizations advocating "family values." Submitted to CBS about two weeks ago, the ad showed two male football fans watching TV, then accidentally touching hands when they reach for the same potato chip.After a fortnight's consideration, CBS informed that its ad had been rejected in a note reading: "CBS Standards and Practices has reviewed your proposed Super Bowl ad and concluded that the creative is not within the Network's Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday." The CBS note did not give any reason for the decision, leaving it unclear what objections were voiced by its standards and practices division.While the two men appear to be engaged in an intense makeout session, the viewer never actually sees their mouths come into contact; rather, the man who initiates the "action" turns away from the camera suddenly, giving the kiss a staged, over-the-top feel reminiscent of slapstick.By some standards, that is tamer than the infamous "Snickers" ad that actually showed two men briefly kissing as they lunged after the same candy bar.(Apparently, food is a catalyst for homosexual encounters.) Dominic Friesen, a spokesman for, said: "We are very disappointed that in 2010 such discrimination is happening, especially given the fact that Focus on the Family is allowed to promote their way of life during the Super Bowl.

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