Cdc physical dating violence among high school students Sex advice chats

Working with Young Survivors Young people often face obstacles in accessing dating abuse services, but a knowledgeable service provider can help overcome those obstacles and ensure a young survivor's safety.

These resources from Break the Cycle offer an introduction to some of the challenges that youth and service providers face.

examines the effects of the Dating Matters comprehensive prevention model in middle school compared to another evidence-based program on dating violence and other relationship behaviors in middle school.

From 2011 to 2016, CDC funded four health departments in Baltimore, MD, Chicago, IL, Oakland, CA, and Ft.

Teen Dating Violence This web page from the CDC includes an overview of teen dating violence definitions, the consequences of and reasons for dating violence, and a list of additional resources.

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Teen Dating Violence among LGBTQ Youth This Human Rights Campaign overview of teen dating violence among LGBTQ youth also includes a list of national resources that serve LGBTQ survivors of intimate partner violence.

Dating Violence Prevention, Teens Ages 13 to 19 Years The New York State Department of Health provides an overview and links to state and national resources.

Teaching Young People about Consent (PDF) In this article from ACT for Youth, Elizabeth Schroeder discusses the need to talk about consent with youth "early and often," and offers tips for educating children and youth on the topic.

Risk Factors This web page from examines factors that may increase teens' risk of experiencing or perpetrating teen dating violence.

Get Help for Someone Else This comprehensive guide from Loveisrespect is directed toward friends, family, and others who want to assist a person in an abusive relationship.

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