Cheats for love dating sim 2 dating agencies westmeath

The answer for the final project is "love" (what is the final project for, anyways? Do not capitalize any of the letters, otherwise it will not work.

If you want to free Fantom from his curse (do this when you see the dairy page) go downtown, then go to the shop/mall, then go to Hip Femme, click bother Jenna and repeatably talk to her to make her your friend.

Then click on "Ask for Spells" and if you talked to Jenna enough, Jenna will break the curse.

Fantom does not like any of the gifts at the store (the tie, the laptop and the gag gift).

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Welcome to our reviews of the cheats for love dating sim 2 (also known as fort lauderdale near miami). I have come back to this game to learn about what makes a good date and what it is that keeps me from venturing to know the other characters. They have tender backstories, and certainly have hopes but again- 3 days of niceties and causal observations are coming out of the player's health, time, and opportunity to bribe their love. This game is beautiful but there is really only one route, Cero. For the other characters, it takes about 3 days investment before you figure out what they want.Please show your support by clicking submit to collections to dating sim collections.Thank you for the wait and support, you've been very kind.

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