Chinese dating white men single guy dating single mother

While there are many white partners of Asians who don’t fetishize or demean their significant other, there is a very vocal community of those who do — whether it’s a man trying to play white savior while demonizing Asian men, or a woman fetishizing her Asian husband while demonizing Asian women.I believe they are largely emboldened to express these views because they are able to hide behind their romantic partners.As much as I would love to say that we live in a post-racial world, that would be a blatant lie.

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” Let’s be clear, being racist and dating a person of color are not two mutually exclusive things.Negative stereotyping, lack of positive representation, a lifetime of systematic and individual racism – these are things you can only experience as a POC.This may appear divisive to outsiders but these discussions on race are essential for better understanding to prevent such discrimination in the future, and for Asian Americans, we are able to find comfort in sharing our stories with each other.Just hop online and scan through comment sections or forums on platforms set up as safe spaces for Asians to share their experiences.You’ll start to see quite a few comments like these: “As a white man married to an Asian woman, I find what you say highly racist towards white people.” “As a white woman married to an Asian man with half-Asian children, I don’t see why Asians are offended by this.” While everyone has a right to their own opinions, white partners who say these things — especially on platforms dedicated for POC — are attempting to delegitimize individual experiences of racism.

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