Chris rock dating nia long

Ayana Byrd, an editor for Glamour magazine, said, "The point is not to say hair is good or bad, it's to say that once we work through the history behind our hair, we can get to a place where it can just be hair." During the discussion, Rock noted that many women used hair relaxers to straighten their hair.Given its cost, it has sometimes been called "creamy crack".Every other group of women can do what they want with their hair, and it's not seen as making a statement.

Mikki Taylor, beauty and cover editor for Essence magazine, said that the term "good hair" is no longer relevant to many young black women.

Depending on which of them is telling their sides of the story, both of those dating disasters apply to the time actress, Nia Long, and actor/comedian, Chris Rock, tried to date each other. She recalled how even though she didn’t think Rock was funny, she still felt that their date went well.

They revealed their hilarious dating nightmare in two prior interviews and get this, Chris Rock had the nerve to diss the hella beautiful, Nia Long at that time. “I remember Chris Rock and I were set up on a blind date. She was also under the impression that they would probably be going on date number 2 and that she didn’t realize Rock wasn’t feelin’ her until days later, when she first discovered he’d given her the wrong number…

Rock explores why black women adopt so many different styles for their hair.

Techniques designed to straighten hair appear to be intended to give it characteristics of European (or "white") hair.

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