Christian dating and waiting

The empty tomb emptied them of their doubts and desperation then.

There would be no solution to their desperation u And the same Savior who defied the odds for them on that first Easter Sunday defies the odds for you on this Easter Sunday.

Our society constantly preaches that instead of going out and finding love, women should wait to be found, as if the only good men are the ones who will break their backs to do the finding.

As Christians, we should be firmly denying this twisted mentality of romance.

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Let God complete the work He’s doing in you, so that when it’s time, you’ll be ready, lacking nothing (see James 1 verse 4).

When I met my husband (to be), again, I thought I was ready. We had to get on the same page, and I learnt patience.

If we keep Jesus and the Gospel first and foremost in our relationships we will start to see that life is better when we are more concerned with living for others rather than ourselves. He enjoys writing about a simplified life and following Jesus.

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Whether we are dating, married, or just casually talking we need to be more intentional about who we are allowing into our lives.

We are faced with constant tension from the world around us and our relationships should be a safe place in which we can refuge and rest. Click below to grab your copy of 31 Days of Prayer for Your Future Husband.) As a Christian, our relationships will never be perfect but they should be better than what the world has presented to us. About the Author Dylan is an over-caffeinated introvert from Charleston, WV.

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