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“I was immediately struck by her voice,” says Oberst.“There are not a lot of people whose voice stops you in your tracks like that.” Rather than each of them writing songs on their own and showing them to each other, Bridgers and Oberst wrote this record together in the same room.

They emphatically sing in retrospect, “I didn’t know what I was in for / When I signed up for that run / There’s no way I’m curing cancer / But I’ll sweat it out / I feel so proud now for all the good I’ve done.” Both have been touring and recording relentlessly through the years and the track’s contemplative, self-destructive leanings are understandable, but no less soul-shattering (“When I laid out in the sun / You get burned for being honest / I’ve really never done / Anything for anyone”).The throbbing electro keyboards of “Exception to the Rule,” the fuzzy rock surge at the end of “Big Black Heart” and the psychedelic guitar swells on “My City” all represent a venture into new frontiers.It would also be unfair to overlook the prolonged vocal note at the end of “My City,” which sees Oberst and Bridgers hold an impassioned note for a face-melting 12 seconds (Bridgers has even wildly neared the 15-second mark when performing her own track “Motion Sickness”).“Ooh I have many favorite songs in Conor’s catalogue.I think my favorite as of late, is ‘Mamah Borthwick,’ off his last record,” says Bridgers.

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