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To note here is that it includes blank space included in the highlight as well as the already recorded regions on the track. I know that I can export the track and then drag it from the bin to a track, but is there a way to do this in the track itself?

To be honest I still prefer the 8/9 interface and there are still a couple of annoyances with X's GUI - the Environment is a mess and the meters are kinda thin compared to L9 - but then I realise I should just stop moaning and get on with it I think some people are probably confused if they didn't upgrade from 9.Hello everyone, I'm a long time Logic user (Since version 7) and I started using Ableton Live 8 recently and have been using it quite a bit but I've found some bumps on the road and I was hoping you guys could shed some light for me. Another question in regards to audio editing in the Session view, when I have an audio clip and want to just copy just a small section of that same audio clip and repeat it 2 more times at the end of it for example. I've tried highlight the section I want and then copy & paste it but that does not work. Most audio interfaces can be switched between line-, instrument- and mic-level input.I would like to know if I can record electric guitars and bass guitars directly into Live without having to mic the amp.. Can I just connect my electric guitar/bass guitar directly into my fire wire interface and record into Live with good quality like I can on Logic Pro using the Guitar amp pro/Bass amp pro built in plug ins? You need an "instrument" input level for your guitar.I wish you could change this default for an empty template.The only real reason to stay in 9 is the 32-bit plugin support.

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