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What is interesting to note is that the price of these services affect the behaviour of the singles who use them.When it comes down to the money, you can also see what type of person will use these particular websites or apps.Here we have compared the top 10 best online dating sites to help you find the right site, and have provided links to those dating sites for your convenience.There are many different online dating sites out there now.Without further rambling let’s check out how much e Harmony paid subscription costs.*e Harmony no longer offers one-month subscriptions The savings are extracted from the most expensive plan which is the 3-month plan.The chart above shows the pricing for e Harmony and it is three months, six months, and 12-month plans that they offer.The best way to find the site that's right for you is to think about what you are looking for and what personality traits are most important to you, then view our comparisons to see which sites offer the best membership base for you.Just because a site ranks #1 on our list, doesn't mean the site has the members or offers the type of relationship you want.

Make sure to also check out prices for as well as the special 3-day trial they have going on.

Free dating sites are very common and you can find them in almost every corner of the Internet.

Many singles who start out looking for a partner online may try one of these free providers simply to see what the fuss is about.

These prices might seem crazy, but the 6 and 12-month subscriptions are cheaper in total than the three-month plan right now.

Both the three-month plan, six-month plan, and 12-month plan have the option to pay off the total in three separate installments.

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