Commission inquiries are also welcome for that one of a kind special piece you’re looking for.Our services also include providing chainsaw carving demonstrations / entertainment for events and promotions.Our clients include Fairs, Townships, Event Committees and Business Owners across Ontario Canada.On-site chainsaw carving services are available as well for both the public and private sectors.The tight quarters of their new home, the Schitt's Creek Motel, create friction and opportunities for David and his disconnected family as they slowly grow closer.

He sometimes downplays or denies these fears in an effort to defy his friends' and family's expectations, but his discomfort is still apparent.David eventually takes a job as a brand manager at a nearby clothing store before opening his own local goods business, Rose Apothecary.While launching Rose Apothecary, David meets and begins dating his business partner, Patrick Brewer.The couple continues to grow personally and professionally and ultimately become engaged at the end of the series' fifth season.David is introduced as insecure, with a general distaste for other people.

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