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XD Also, it might be worth noting that there are dating service websites exclusively for the atheistic or agnostic.

However, I can't say that I'd ever be inclined to use a dating service, because I'm still holding on to the idea of meeting a woman in the university courses I will be taking (mainly physics and math), and I'd rather be a friend and colleague before romantic interest truly sparks, because the aestheticism and hedonism of (at least early) love depress me. Mediation is often seen as a "spiritual" act, but it does not require religious belief.

And of course modern sociological research shows that atheists are just as moral as religious believers. Enter the word "spiritual," which is becoming synonymous with retaining all that is good in a religious person, without the religion.

It seems that in many people's conception if you really can't be religious, to be "spiritual but not religious," or for that matter, just plain spiritual?

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I am objectively agnostic, but personally atheist (the difference is that God's existence isn't falsifiable, by definition, just like solipsism isn't, but I feel that God does not exist).

I suggest, therefore, that we reclaim the basic notion that a compassionate, ethical, and interesting human being doesn't need to be spiritual. Do we have a word to suggest to and similar services to add to their list of possibilities?

Yup: humanist, as in someone who is trying to live up to the best of what humanity can be.

Einstein was also a philosopher, and unlike most of his contemporaries, he was interested in interpreting his theories. XD Philosophers have agreed since Plato that God(s) are irrelevant to morality? You have some interesting ideas of spirituality and what it is, certainly better thought out definitions then most people who describe themselves that way.

He would eventually describe himself as agnostic, but this and his humanitarianism have made of him a "spiritual" man. I think that a lot of people have just seen too much corruption and hypocracy in traditional religion, but still want to nurture their souls.

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