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“And I’ve got a patient who is a multi-millionaire — it’s the only health coverage he has found that provides the level of attention he wants.

I can provide them with the exact same level of care. ” Pediatric DPC for infants and toddlers is trickier because of the cost of immunizations.

Some people call your psychic energy the psi factor. Learning to manipulate energy is easier than it sounds. For instance, when you are envisioning the energy in the palm of your hand, you are focusing on it then directing or moving it to your other hand.

Your “psi” is an umbrella for all skills and abilities that originate from your mind. When you focus and direct something, you are manipulating it. Most energy work techniques are based on visualization. When you create your room and decorate it, you are controlling and moving energy through the room.

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Thus, some DPC practices only offer services to children ages 5 and older.

Remember that you are dealing with the essence of vitality.

The ancient Chinese had a saying to describe the phenomenon of energy movement.

Doctors are as enthusiastic about these alternative practices as patients. She says she loves having unlimited time to work with families on whole-health issues.

“This practice has allowed me to keep updated by regular texts with a teenage patient being treated for depression,” she says.

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