Dating in shanxi province china

Hence, this ancient temple with a history of one thousand years become a tourist attraction enjoying a great reputation at and abroad.Location of the activity:Pujiu Temple of Yongji City Date of the festival:September 26 of every year Characteristics of the activity:Farmers, who want to trade livestock, believers in God, who want to make a pilgrimage to the mountain and worship the Buddha, tourists home and abroad, who want to take sightseeing, and merchants, who come from all directions to do business, all gather together here.By Chinese standards, she should be racing to get married.In fact, she’s late as it is: She’s about to become a “leftover woman,” the label pasted on unwed women past their 20s.

Location of the activity:Huangjiao Temple of Wutai Mountain Date of the festival:June 15 of the Chinese lunar calendar of every year Characteristics of the activity:During the festival, large-scale Buddhist rituals, folk culture and arts activities and the mule & horse livestock trade fair are held.

“But they still want me to have the safety net of marriage.

It’s a built-in support system to them -- financially and emotionally.” “I’ll go on a date [with someone] I’m not totally interested in because you’ve made such a low investment in terms of making the plans. One of Beijing’s young bachelors, 26-year-old Web engineer Denny Wang, agrees.

Location of the activity:Taihuai Town of Wutai County Date of the festival:July 25 of every year Characteristics of the activity:During the Shanxi Noodles Culture Festival, several activities such as introduction to quality noodle, savoring noodles and performance of making noodles.

Location of the activity:Taiyuan Date of the festival:September 27 of every year Characteristics of the activity:When worshipping the kitchen god, the god should first be set up and then sumptuous food and wine are offered as a sacrifice.

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