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During the first half of the 1940s the eyes of our nation were focused overseas as countless young people were serving in WWII after the attack on our naval base in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Those who remained stateside became familiar with rationing on common goods, manufacturing that was focused on supporting the war effort, and gathering around radios awaiting the latest news from the front lines.

He was very involved in sports and attended local schools in Racine.

Jim’s high school years found him at Washington Park High School where he played football.

His maternal grandmother, Veronica, filled in many of the gaps that his mother’s necessary absence created, and she became very influential in Jim’s life.

In 1980, Jim and Lori opened their home to a Dutch exchange student, Karen, for one year.

Her name was Lori Lochowitz, and they met in the summer of 1962 back home in Racine as she was dating a friend.

Jim liked to give her a hard time because she attended Marquette University, with no football team, but it was a different story come basketball season.

Back at school that fall, Lori had some friends who were talking about attending a UW football game.

Lori chimed in that she knew someone who could get tickets, and so her connection with Jim was rekindled. Not long after Lori graduated from Marquette in 1966, the sweethearts were married on September 3, 1966, at St. The newlyweds initially lived in Madison for one year while Jim completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy, graduating on June 5,1967.

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