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Revived in 1980 for a full size 'Portland Vase' production, limited edition of fifty. Lilac hues range from pink-toned lilac, a peach-toned lilac, and through to a grey-toned lilac.Short production attempted again in 1910, with more general production from 1925-32, but was discontinued due to color bleeding. Solid Terracotta introduced for bas-relief work from 1775, with full production from 1957-1959. At time of 1957 issue, the color looked a dark salmon pink hue with White or Black bas-relief work.Some Dark Blue items are early solid Pale Blue items which were dipped in Dark Blue slip to save on costly cobalt oxide.Pieces of this color were produced in 1999, as part of the modern "Interiors" line of vases, bowls etc.

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There are always exceptions in regard to colour and date concerning Wedgwood Jasper.These types are known as "solid" and "dipped" (or "Jasper dip") respectively.The undyed body was white when fired, sometimes with a yellowish tinge; cobalt was added to elements that were to stay white. Scammy people, who knows where they are from or if they are selling a fake product or out trolling for social security numbers? call the # back and there is no number there, obviously they are faking their caller ID.

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