Dating obsidian arrowheads

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The stone debris at Bonifant alerted archeologists that there could be a local source of high-quality stone in the area.

Native Americans designed many different arrowheads – about 1,200 types are on record – and much can be determined about an arrowhead if you have simple information like the material it's made of, where you found it and its shape and design.

When you've properly identified the arrowhead, a world of culture and history will open up to you.

Though the object itself was only used by one individual, most likely a man, for hunting and fishing, it is the gateway to a culture that existed possibly thousands of years ago, on the same soil you stood on when you found it.

Identify the location where the arrowhead was found. If it's stemmed, note the shape of the stem; stemless, whether it's fluted or not; notched, whether it's notched in the side or from the corner.

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