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Old Spice is a registered trademark of Procter and Gamble.Please note that I am not affiliated with Old Spice or Procter & Gamble, and I am not interested in buying items or selling stuff from my collection.SPBOB Followed by this 1937 ad showing the so called deco bottle.

Prior to 1900, nearly all glass bottles were custom made with raised-letters and graphics which proudly stated the name, address and logo of the “owner” of each bottle. Thanks Morbious, That Ad is cool, i wold think to find one from the thirties with the label is pretty hard, They also had a 64 oz. For a quarter I'd say you found yourself an interesting find. And to answer your question of timing, I'd have to say that paper label pre-dates the acls.TOILETRIES will introduce to many other toiletries for men such lotions, hair products and soaps.SHAVING PRODUCTS describes the shaving creams, brushes razors and other shaving accessories branded by Old Spice over the years.

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