Dating on cruise ships

It’s none of our business, but we don’t suggest making rash dating decisions.Picture this: You meet your crush, hook up on the second night, and … Unfortunately, you’ll be spending the rest of the week on the same ship, potentially dodging awkward moments.Friends that don’t agree with your partner will start spending less time around you, and a whole bunch more people will become interested simply because you’re taken. If you can get over that inevitability though, you’re bound to have a good time. As unfortunate as it is, there’s always the chance that you or your partner will drop one another in a heartbeat for the attractive piece of “fresh meat” as they call it.Keep in mind that everyone is wearing a pretty thick pair of standard-issue ship goggles. Perhaps the most important problem of all – there’s actually a good chance that your ship boy or girlfriend is already in a committed relationship back home.Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, fellow singles, or setting sail solo, these five simple hints can help you enjoy — and squeeze the maximum meet-up potential out of — your vacation.

Whereas you might have gotten favours from interested suitors before, you’ll suddenly be treated differently by everyone on board. Few people foster their relationships past the end of their contract – and unless you’re dating someone in your department who signed on the same time as you, chances are you’ve only got a few months together.Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Lines, for example, both offer “singles mixers” on every sailing.It’s hard to have fun if you feel like you’re being gouged for your vacation, but the hefty “single supplement” that most cruise lines charge when you book a double cabin for yourself is hard to avoid.It is strictly against all cruise line company’s policy to have any sort of relations with a guest.In fact, these sorts of relations can be so damaging to a cruise line, that the line will straight up leave the offending cruise member at the next port!

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