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Attanasio was inspired to develop a medical procedural drama by The New York Times Magazine column, "Diagnosis", written by physician Lisa Sanders, who is an attending physician at Yale–New Haven Hospital (YNHH); the fictitious Princeton–Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH, not to be confused with the University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro) is modeled after this teaching institution.

We knew the network was looking for procedurals, and Paul [Attanasio] came up with this medical idea that was like a cop procedural. But I quickly began to realize that we needed that character element. Shore has said that the central storylines of several early episodes were based on the work of Berton Roueché, a staff writer for The New Yorker between 19, who specialized in features about unusual medical cases.

They used a historical event which occurred on 5th October 2000, when 500,000 demonstrators set the Parliament building on fire.On that day, Slobodan Milosevic was overthrown from power.See more » Probably the biggest letdown of my sci-fi viewing life. So many bad points that I can't remember them all. First, as the unidentified object approached earth, everyone seemed dumb on the reason for the change in direction.With the help of Cheng Tian You (Wallace Chung), Jiang Sheng looks for Liang Sheng without any luck.Tian You falls in love with Jiang Sheng, and the two get married.

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