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Yahoo, where first-quarter revenues jumped unexpectedly thanks to rapid growth in its personals business, is aggressively pursuing people in their 20's.'' We're investing in that younger group,'' said Katie Mitic, the general manager of Yahoo Personals.'' They're driving tremendous growth in online dating services.'' The reason seems to be the fundamentally different ways that younger and somewhat older Americans view personals.Where traditionally personals in newspapers and magazines were seen as last-ditch attempts by the desperate, Americans younger than 30 are using the online services more casually -- simply to make friends or to date outside their established circles.Some ambitious -- or just manic -- men and women play the services as if they were video games or e Bays-for-daters, where the goal is not so much acquiring the goods as simply playing to win. '' It could be just getting someone to write back to you, to meet or to fall in love with you, or it could be getting someone to go home with you on a particular night,'' Mr. Where older Americans are likely to see perusing the personals as a solo -- or downright lonely -- experience, people in their 20's are likely to make it a social event, like going to the mall.'' We call it 'man shopping,' '' said Shelly Parnes, a 28-year-old publicist from Queens, who recently placed her first ad.Others simply create multiple ads.'' You could be a cocky guy in one and a humble, thoughtful guy in another,'' Mr. '' You're hitting a much broader target audience.Getting someone to write you back affirms your ability to market yourself.

There's a renegotiation of the concept of intimacy.'' Although Internet personals services have been around almost as long as the Web, since the mid-90's, it is only now -- as the generation weaned on the Net enters its prime dating years -- that the services have reached critical mass.

'' Sometimes more than one date a night.'' In just a few short months, Mr.

Jong said he went out with around 70 women -- usually an after-work drink with the option of an easy escape if things didn't work out.

For an additional .95, Yahoo lets users post multiple pictures with their ads, and gives those ads prominent placement at the top of those pageslong lists for 45 days.

Nerve essentially allows limitless spending by selling credits, which can be used like arcade tokens on things like instant messaging sessions and ''collect calls'' -- essentially e-mail messages -- to other members.

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