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We met on the balcony a day or two after we moved in. Well, not all the time, just for special occasions. However, there was one major difference in the way we approached our classwork.

That positive attitude affects every aspect of your life, including your love life.

These are just some of the results: You’ll be more open to giving different people a shot.

In other words, by expecting the negative, she was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t materialize.So, if he doesn’t get into med school, I guess he can be on General Hospital.” Now back to our pessimism-optimism issues. If Wendy took an exam and I saw her later that day, she would be devastated.She would mope around the rest of the afternoon saying, “I know I failed that test. They insist that I start searching for a man of my preferences, and make him the happiest! More I enjoy being with my friends, having romantic evenings with romantic music. I actually like to be very active in my life, traveling, sports, outdoor activities.LOL I have a good sense of humor and I love to laugh. Let's answer some questions: 1) Do you have a good heart? ) This means that we need to start communicating in order to understand whether we are suitable for each other.

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