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So calling a guy like that “Monkey” in this case would not be a good pick. Whether he knows you used a name before or not, you do.You also don’t want to focus on any negative features or qualities he has, such as calling him “Big ears” or “Chubby”. It’s not a good idea to call your current guy the same thing you called your ex. You can always fall back on “Honey”, “Hon”, “Babe” or “Sweetie”.If your guy is super manly, give him a pet name that reflects it.Masculine guys might like a name such as “Big guy”, “Superman”, or “Soldier”.The pet name you come up with doesn’t have to even be a real name. Or you can use the initials of his first and last name.

For example, “Carino” is the Spanish version of “sweetie”, and “Mon amour” is the French for “my love”. If his name is Andrew, and that’s the name he goes by, you can call him Drew.

Whenever you call him by that name, you’ll make him feel good. If you and your guy like to get all cuddly and lovey-dovey (and who doesn’t), you’ll want a pet name that reflects that sort of mood. Or if the two of you think something else is cute, you can use that name.

Check out this list of cute ways to say “I love you” if the two of you love being cute.

A nickname is usually one given by friends, family or coworkers.

Many people even go by their nickname instead of their given name. It is typically used only between lovers as a sign of affection. There are names of endearment, names that play up his best attributes, funny pet names that mean something to only the two of you, foreign names and even a play on his own name.

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