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Chocolate browns are very indicative of the 1870s and ‘80s. While the color was called antimony or chrome orange in the nineteenth century, historians and collectors often call the color ‘cheddar’ today.See some of the Challenge Mini Art Quilts An expanded BOUTIQUE at the Quilt Show was a bit hit.If you've been to our Boutique in the past, you'll know that a variety of wonderful handmade items are displayed for sale: small art quilts, jewelry, scarves, aprons, knitted and crocheted pieces, handmade journals, and much more! This dye was often made in the home from store-bought powder, however, the high lead content of the dye made it (in retrospect) a dangerous substance with which to work. Clues in the Calico: A Guide to Identifying and Dating Antique Quilts. Thus, this dye can help to both identify both the date and location in which a quilt was made.Fabric Place Basement - Premiere Official Sponsor of the QC 2019 Quilt Show The Quilt Show Challenge featured a special exhibit of fabric Mini Art Quilts created by our members.These unique & charming 5" X 8" Mini Art Quilts were displayed and for sale at the Quilt Show.

This was an amazing book - it is considered the definitive work on this topic - and somehow it's out of print.

All members are dedicated to providing professional and ethical expertise on quilts and quilted textiles.

PAAQT members: Our membership application mentions American Quilter’s Society, an Accredited (AM from ASA or ISA) or Certified (CFA; Senior Member from ASA or CAPP from ISA) or a certificate of membership from AAA.

Sponsors and advertisers will be acknowledged on our website, listed in order of their sponsorship level.

As soon as a sponsor makes a commitment, they will be featured on the QC website and the list will remain until the end of August 2019.

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