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In addition, I have shown that time of ~5200 BCE can be falsified as the timing of Ramayana, based on numerous astronomy observations of Valmiki Ramayana, that Shri Bhatnagar did not bother to consider.

There are some who believe such exercises in general are waste of time and one should focus on the message of the epic.

It also has to explain various other references that are present in the text.

For example, the text mentions Yavanas and the White Huns who obviously did not exist in the 3rd millennium BCE.

This happened around 800 BCE according to the data from Kaushambi, and since the flood happened during the time of the fifth descendant of Parikshit, the war could have happened around 900 BCE.

This 900 BCE date is based on archaeology and other ways of analyzing the text and astronomical data reveal other dates.

After his grandson had run the country to ground, C14 dating was applied and the dates did not vary much.

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There is a problem with the earlier date because Mathura, Indraprastha, Kurukshetra, Kampilya and various other places mentioned in the epic did not exist at that time.All this expansion happened over a long period of time extending up to the Gupta period in the 4th century CE and contemporary art, architecture, and weapons entered the epic. Archaeology based on Mahabharata was conducted during the post-Independence period. For example, archaeology around Magadha revealed that the place was developed around the second millennium BCE and Painted Grey Ware was found there. I am not an insider and so I am not bound by the politics and preconceptions in the field.Still we don’t have older dates from other sites to push back the date of the epic. I spend lot of time reading about the topics I write about and most of the information comes from books or papers.We also have to look at the type and size of the houses from that period and the food and animals that were present.Archaeology of Mahabharata The places mentioned in Mahabharata still bear the same name; there is no other Hastinapura or Kurukshetra or Ahichchhatra.

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