Dating scene in seattle

Most of the time this will not lead to lasting relationships or sexual encounters either.What I find toughest about women in Seattle is how shy and reserved they are.That is in addition to being a religious Christian/Mormon society where many women get married off by their early 20s.Way too much aggressive, needy men, fighting over any woman and people c**k-blocking you left and right. I've been in more potential fights in two years living in Boise, then in the last 15 years.You want to talk about a tough town to meet women, that is the worst of them.Yes, there is a lot of men in Seattle and many have a lot of cash which is not a great thing in the dating competition market. A lot of wealthy , nerdy, hipster beta males who have no real game, personality and tend to spoil and pamper women as the only means to getting a date.

Sweeping generalization: many guys chasing after the few very attractive women who are purposely socially isolated via all the creeps / cat-callers.This creates a city that is definitely saturated with Provider Hunter types and you need to be very cautious for those type of women.Many of the more classy women you will see around places like Belltown and definitely the Eastside will expect you to buy them not only drinks, but food and take them out.Several years ago, I visited Seattle with my sister during our trip to the Northwest, and, while we only spent about two days there, we fell in love with the city.Of course, we took in sights like the Space Needle, Pier 57, the Seattle Great Wheel, and Pike Place Market.

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