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Seven months later, I got into a new relationship, and I told her about it. Aspies tend to have certain interests that they hyperfocus on.

Because of how she came to understand the concept of jealousy, here’s how our dialogue turned out…Me: I have a new girlfriend now, Princess. Some aspies end up being classified as geniuses because of this, but it also means that this kind of hyperfocus comes at the expense of a lot of other things. An aspie who hyperfocuses can and will neglect you, even if they do care about you.

If you plan to date an aspie for long, you should learn to address their differences without making it clear to them that you are doing so.

Whether you are dating someone with Asperger’s, or strongly feel that the person you are dating has it, then you need to learn more about Asperger’s.

Perhaps you’ve had to take on what feels like more than your fair share of household responsibilities.

Maybe you now have to do all the cleaning and laundry due to your spouse’s contamination fears.

I won’t pretend to be an expert on Asperger’s, but suffice it to say that I have dated someone who has it.There are so many resources out there to understand aspies better. The day I realized Princess was an aspie, I did all the research I could just to make sure that I could still somehow make her happy even if I don’t fully understand every facet of her.You can get in touch with Autism Society Philippines if you wish to ask people who are in the know. Even though we aren’t together anymore, just waking up to her sending me a smiley to start my morning off never fails to brighten up my mood, and having her offer me a hug and her standard response of “condolence ^____^” when I’m feeling down and out never fails to turn my day around.This makes people feel that she’s suplada when in reality, it’s how she achieves amazing results with her cosplay, to begin with.I learned pretty early on to not take it against her when she completely ignores me during a convention.

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