Dating stephy lyrics

I created a bottle of wine with a label that asked “Will you be my bridesmaid? I surprised each of the girls individually at different times throughout the week.

My dress shopping experience was stress free and super enjoyable!

When choosing our venue, we knew we wanted something a little different than the traditional hall, and started looking at more “boutique” type of venues.

We didn’t have a dream venue in mind, but knew we wanted a venue that had a big dance floor and a bar that was in a good location.

He liked the idea of building something personalized for me.

After the proposal, we proceeded to have champagne at Spencers with the couple that we were suppose to have dinner with, followed by a quick champagne visit to my parents’ house, followed by a night out with friends, and a romantic night at the Shang-ri-la (which was set up with roses and candles by my girl besties).

I was the first one out of my group of friends to get married, so I didn’t have too much to go off of.

Unfortunately, we did not stay within our budget and went about ,000 over our budget.

We were able to justify this, as we were in love with the look and design of the venue.

We decided to go over as the items we went over on were important to us.

The factors that were the most important when prioritizing our budget was the venue.

As Michael never plans anything on his own, I found this suspicious, but didn’t think too much into it.

That night, there was a special weather alert due to high winds and rain, as we were racing past Spencer Smith park to get to dinner, a photographer from “Canadian Living” approached us and asked if he could take our photo.

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