Dating thaivisa

Starting in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, make your way south to Phuket.If you go overland, make a side trip to Kanchanaburi, a beautiful national park, though it makes more sense to fly for not that much more money. Phuket is the gateway to the Andaman Sea in Southern Thailand.

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I myself have been to Thailand dozens of times – often just passing through as some of the cheapest flights to Asia are into Bangkok – but I also based myself in Chiang Mai for six months in 2017, and I am currently staying Chiang Mai in between adventures yet again.

Next, head to Chiang Mai, Thailand’s capital with plenty to do!

Check out our section on Chiang Mai below for more information.

Whether you’re booking your trip in advance or winging it with a backpack and travelling solo (which you likely won’t be for long), moving around Thailand is a piece of cake.

The country is well established on the backpacking trail and everything is convenient, easy and relatively safe.

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