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Enter Abby*, a 31-year-old from Alberta, Canada, and the first woman I’ve met in a romantic situation that resembles mine.

Abby reached out to me after she read my first article and shared with me her own situation: After nearly 15 years with her boyfriend—including a decade living together—the prospect of marriage is still nowhere in sight.

Who wants to get married to someone they have to threaten into marrying? It’s been about nine months since my demands were not met. We’ve engaged in dozens of fights and quarrels—the particularly bad ones escalate to days of silence or camping out on the couch.

We are still together, but our situation is tense and tentative and has all the fun of living by an active volcano.

At least this is what she tells friends and family who have been “breathing down [her] back weekly for the last five years” wondering why she still isn't married.

She tells me it has been several years since she started voicing to her boyfriend how much she would like to get married. And she’ll wait longer if she has to: “As cliche as it is, [I’d wait] forever.

They’ve also supported one another through two economic recessions.

Unless the guy is in the middle of med school (or the equivalent), he shouldn’t need more than 6 months to at least make a to marry you in the near future. If you can’t get clarity by then, chances are extremely high that it will never happen. After five years of dating, I told my boyfriend that if he didn’t propose by Christmas, we were over.At the time, I considered this less a threat and more a way to expedite the inevitable—marriage, family, an otherwise perfect union.I think after maybe about five more years, I would just be okay with not being married somehow. The endgame for me is to be with him no matter what...I have never considered ending things and never will.” To Abby, her boyfriend is more important than a wedding, a marriage, and a piece of paper that says they’re legally bound. “Besides this one thing, we have a very fulfilled relationship.

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