Dating vintage dietz lanterns

The name was changed from the Kentucky & Indiana Bridge Company to "Terminal Company" in 1910 as the railroad expanded it's yards and service.It lasted until absorbed into the Southern Railroad in 1981 and eventually the Norfolk and Southern.There are a few minor imperfections as seen in the photos. We Offer Top Quality Service: A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Free s/h Payment is required via Paypal within 48 hours of auction end. Click picture to enlarge This is an antique/vintage Embury Supreme#162 kerosene lantern with a Dietz globe. The glass is clear and the metal is a nice metallic blue color. Excellent Communications Expert Packaging Fast Delivery Free COAAbout 4.75" tall. Globe is marked D-Lite and has a patent date of 12-4-23. In order to reduce production cost and increase market share, Dietz relocated its production facilities from New York, U. It maintained its head office in Hong Kong for administration, financing, logistics, marketing and sales. To keep pace with fast-moving market trend and innovation on technology, Dietz has always kept a team of experienced and talent staffs to meet market challenge.

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However in later years, most railroad lanterns were eclipsed by the Dressel and Adlake short globe versions. Dietz continued to exist until it went out of business in 1992. This model was made through the 1930s and this particular lantern appears to be a later model that could date anywhere from the 1920s through the early 1930s. It was bead blasted and repainted in high temp paint and includes a new Adlake pot and burner as the original pot and burner were not salvageable. The New York City Subway apparently ordered quite a few and were also known to have ordered Dietz No.

The Dietz Lantern company was one of the longest running of all lantern companies, but its railroad line of lanterns was only a small part of it's business. It produced a number of lanterns, including for home and personal use. Dietz would also be famous for its Vesta line of lanterns, which was a cold blast lantern with side tubes that resembled the very common household and barn type cold blast lanterns of the era.

Dietz company, it was founded before the civil war in the mid 1800s. Dietz would name numerous versions of this lantern from the late 1880s through the 1940s.

The exact age of this lantern is not known, but some design features indicate that it's an earlier model, dating anywhere from the 1890s through the early 1900s.

This is an late version of the early tall frame Vesta models.

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