Dating violence role play scenarios

When making a report, state your age, identify yourself as the person in the picture or video and object to the posting of the content.Ensure that you are offering more than one or two word responses.F- Face the person (your shoulders squared to theirs) E- Maintain good eye contact L- Lean towards the other person O- Have an open posture (crossed arms and legs are a non-verbal sign of disinterest) R- Respect physical boundaries (sitting too close or too far away can make the other person feel vulnerable or disconnected from you) Everyone has their own style that works best for them, and culturally, not all of this is helpful (e.g.Eye contact), however, if you want to show the person you are talking to that you are interested in what they have to say, it helps to keep this in mind.Communication is how we share ideas, but it’s also how we get our needs met (so, pretty important).Basically, when we communicate we are sending and receiving messages.

For example, in some cultures communicating respectfully can mean putting other people’s voices before your own or not looking people in the eyes.Make sure to notice that you are doing half of the texting with the other person. If emotions are running high, try problem solving ways of calming down.Make sure to respond to open ended questions when the other person asks you about your opinion. Make sure that the speaker feels listened to and understood, and ask clarifying questions if you do not understand.If things are becoming heated, consider talking o he person on the phone or in person. Being a good listener depends on who is talking, but here are some skills that can help show a speaker that you are paying attention.

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