Dating vox ac30 amps

The Vox guitar amplifier—and the AC30 model in particular—has played a storied role in popular music history.

Before Marshall, Orange, Hiwatt, or any other beloved British amps hit the scene, Vox was there, defining in a very authentic sense the sound of the British Invasion.

Though Korg began its life as a Japanese builder of drum machines and keyboards it’s beyond doubt that their involvement with Vox saved the brand and made it more robust for the 21st Century.

As Elyea describes it, Epstein pulled up in a Rolls Royce and smooth-talked Clark into trading two new AC30s for the band’s two beat-up ones, even up.

Clark secretly agreed, even though Vox owner Tom Jennings nixed the idea.

Through the 1960s, AC30s were made with both separate amp head and speaker cabinets (like the Super Twin), and also in a unified chassis, with the control panel mounted on the top—the standard configuration for AC30 amps today.

The Beatles started playing AC30s before they became famous.

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