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https://sg/lifestyle/others/...those-industry Being an influencer is harder than you think, say those in industry.

Besides grappling with trolls, crafting Instagram posts take time and thought too.

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Ms Chan - who is also a director and producer who does scriptwriting, copywriting and editing - manages a crew of 35 workers such as graphic designers and video producers."Most keyboard warriors want to make the target feel bad and there is no way I will allow myself to cave in to that." Despite the negatives, Miss Tiong said her online following is beneficial for her swimwear business Sorakini, and Instagram has become a platform to interact in a "real and genuine" way with those who attend her spin classes at Absolute You.Ms Sylvia Chan, co-founder of You Tube channel and production house Night Owl Cinematics, which has attracted almost a million subscribers since it was established in 2013, acknowledged that some people, including herself, would rather be called content creators.Ms Ang said: "I am open to sharing about myself, but as a mum, I am careful of what I post because I am always in the public eye and there are many people scrutinising."For example, I don't reveal where my kids go to school, but some 'trolls' found out and posted it online." Spin instructor and fitness influencer Tiong Jia En, 24, who has almost 100,000 Instagram followers, told TNP that receiving unsolicited explicit images is common online.

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