Dating your ex spouse ex spouse

And there are many marriage counselors who would tell you that you did the right thing when you divorced him.

But I would have tried to look at angles that you may not have considered.

Since the divorce he has asked me to see a counselor with him.

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And they give me an opportunity to address a very common dilemma. I had been married for 14 years until my divorce was final last month, but I still feel SO married. My husband first left 5 years into our marriage and moved in with another woman, right after I had my first child.

He refused to stop dating, and so now I have to decide if it's worth the risk.

I feel that I am always the one negotiating his return and I am scared that I am doing this because I can not face him being with someone else.

I feel like such a fool when most everyone (including family) says, "Why are you even entertaining the thought of putting yourself back into a situation that you are going to be hurt again? " Well, I do feel pretty stupid sometimes but I can not help having this idealistic goal for my marriage. My goal in life is to save all marriages, and none of them are easy.

My question is----- Have you ever seen anything this "twisted" repaired? But the one you describe is one of the most difficult.

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