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Many people do not own cars in Bosnia, so public transportation is the key way to get around the city for most.

Since then stray dogs and cats can be found on every street, often scrounging through garbage cans for food.

As the Houston dating service with nearly 30 years of experience in the dating and matchmaking industry, we know the warning signs a relationship is unraveling.

Read on as we show you the telltale signs your relationship is over. Things get even more complicated when you decide to part ways with your partner and you’re left to figure out how to move on from the relationship you never thought would end.

You’ll feel lonely and just not yourself for a very long time. The trick thing is finding a way to move on that’s healthy and doesn’t lead you down a destructive path.

Many people going through a hard time end up finding coping mechanisms instead of helpful ways to get over it and heal properly.

When it happens to you personally, it’s devastating. It feels like your whole world is turned upside down and like you’ll never be able to overcome the unbearable pain and agony.

The important thing to remember is that you will get through the pain, just like everyone else has done before you.

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