Dna2 dating game Sex webcam moldova

Horny young me remembers this game quite surprisingly.

You play as a new kid in college, and its basically your job to get into the panties of 3ish girls.

To get an infinite supply of cash, you must wait until it is "Underwear Day" (when the girls ask you how much you think their underwear is worth) at school.

When you are asked how much you would spend on their underwear, type the letter "o." This will buy the garment from them for free.

The game is terrible though, in just about everysingle way. Its notably hard to get the good ending as well, so the game does demand a whole lot of work for very little payoff. [https:// Link to another site] - Link to another site Linking When you mention an album, artist, film, game, label, etc - it's recommended to link to the item the first time you mention it.

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In the interactions with the girls you will also have the choice to flirt with them and take them to dates as well. Its a game that really isnt flattering to women in the way that it portrays them, but then again what is anyone expecting.

Since it was the point when I discovered girls and its one of the only way without paying any money to see girls naked (remember those times before Google Image).

One day is like every other teenage day I done my ritual checking around to see if my parents and siblings are not around.

Fix myself up a container full of Cheese-Nips, hop on to the Dell Dimension 2100, click on the Internet Explorer icon, type in the address for Newgrounds since I never bookmark it out of fear of my parents finding out.

Then I saw this game on the front page reading as "Hentai~Sim Girl" and the description "Japan's biggest sensation has arrived".

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