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She’s gone all-in on our adventures and has been open minded about my outdoor way of life. In the last several years, she’s changed her views on hunting, and has wanted to spend more and more time on the water.I have had the privilege of introducing her to an entirely new lifestyle.We are both avid photographers, and enjoy snapping pictures of our adventures.We each have our own, unique perspective that we incorporate into our photography.How are they supposed to be Wilkinson’s if they don’t know how to fish? On our trip last year to hunt in northeast Washington, Emily and I happened upon a bear atop some sort of fruit-bearing tree.

After snapping a few pics, we released the fish back to the lake to live another day.Fishing will forever be a part of our relationship.When I asked her recently if she wanted our children to learn how to fish, she responded by saying, “Duh. These were the words I heard Emily speak as we were stalking in on a black bear last fall.I’m sure some of you have been wondering who the other person in my profile photo is.She is my partner in crime, and the love of my life.

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