Ezine dating a geek updating facebook status via email

This will give you a cushion for when you travel and don’t have to worry about writing and setting it all up while you are on the road. But it was way too long and absolutely not sustainable.

And by the way, the reward for writing 1 article every week for the past 4 years is that I can recycle every once in a while! There was no way I could keep up with that intensity each week, or even each month.

2) Schedule a block of time in your calendar each week for e-zine writing. Do it when you are least likely to get taken off path.

3) Write your feature article first, BEFORE you write your greeting.

You wouldn’t write your articles at the last minute. So give your ezine (your greatest marketing tool) this attention and spend a chunk of time every three months planning your articles. I set myself up for disaster by over-doing my first newsletter.

There are so many dating sites out there, hundreds if not thousands, how do you even begin to decide where to register and start your online dating experience?I have found that Rule A – Consistency is the hardest for many of you to follow. In an effort to help you take a “no excuses” approach to committing to your ezine, I share with you 5 tips to getting your e-zine SENT every single week.1) Hire someone to “set it up” each week, so that you are just writing.Hands down, the greatest marketing tool you can use is your weekly electronic newsletter.But for it to be effective, you must follow the GIFTE formula, which is: A) it must be consistent – like super, reliably consistent because that establishes you as a business not a hobby; B) It must begin with a personal greeting that has you open and connect with your people and be followed by a short (500 word) feature article … ; C) it must be sent using an auto-responder service like Constant Contact, I-Contact, or Vertical Response.

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