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Individual locomotives in this series were commonly referred to as “C-liners”.

A combined total of 165 units (123 cab-equipped lead A units and 42 cabless booster B units) were produced by F-M and the CLC between 19. Since 1932, Fairbanks-Morse had specialized in the manufacture of opposed piston diesel engines for United States Naval vessels.

Power Type: Diesel Electric Builder: Fairbanks-Morse Built date: March 1950 to February 1955 Total produced: 99 (USA), 66 (Canada) Configuration: Bo-Co/ Four and Six Axle Wheel Trucks.

The Consolidated line, or C-line, was a series of diesel-electric railway locomotive designs produced by Fairbanks-Morse and its Canadian licensee, the Canadian Locomotive Company.

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Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Canadian National Railway Canadian Pacific Railway Milwaukee Road New Haven Railway New York Central Railroad Pennsylvania Railroad Atomic Train (1999) - Movie poster only, not featured in the actual movie.Assembly of the 2,000 horsepower (1.49 MW) unit, which was mounted on an A1A-A1A wheelset, was subcontracted out to General Electric due to lack of space at F-M's Wisconsin plant.GE built the locomotives at its Erie, Pennsylvania facility, thereby giving rise to the name “Erie-built”.Moreover, railroads were quickly moving away from cab unit designs, and standardizing on road-switcher designs, as offered by the competition in the form of the EMD GP7 or the ALCO RS-3 and even the Baldwin DRS-4-4-1500.By 1952, orders had dried up in the United States, with a total production run of only 99 units.

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